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ベルギーのGenkにあるLUCA School of Artsを拠点にしたDementia Lab(認知症研究所)のブックレット"The role of Design vol. 1"が公開されたので紹介。この研究所に関わっている各国の研究者のアクティビティとリフレクションをまとめたもので、全56Pが無料でダウンロード出来る(英語)。

このDementia Labの中心人物のNiels Hendrixはデンマークに居た時に僕と同室だった研究者で、自国で新しいデザインの運動を起こしていることはとても素晴らしいことだと思う。


This is an important part for me. When I was working with my grandparents who had dementia, being a relative of the person deeply influenced and motivated the design work, but on the other hand, the design work also helped me to understand and deal with the situation, and eventually become a better carer. This insight led me to set up the research in this way, exploring the potential of design and codesign to develop tools for providing opportunities for communication between people with dementia and their family. Additionally, there is the chance that empathy an understanding might emerge for the relatives through this process, possibly constituting a positive moment, and alleviating feelings of helplessness.

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